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Complaining About My Computer Problems

Why can't anything be easy? I'm trying to set up my own tilde, just for fun. It's running on a pi 4 8gb model with Freebsd 13. It wasn't to hard for me setiing up freebsd, I had a little trouble with the micro sd card not being recognized. Other than that I got Freebsd up and running.

What I'm having trouble with right now is setting up molly-brown gemini server. Earlier this week I set up the apache web server, That was super easy because it is gone over in the freebsd handbook. Trying to set up molly-brown hasn't been so easy. First I had to install go. I had gone to the golang website before and saw the bianary files for different operating systems. On their website they only had it for Freebsd amd64,x86,ppc64le and s390x. I needed go for arm64 so I looked around and saw that you could compile go. For some reason you need go installed to compile itself! One hour later I did what I should have thought of in the first place 'pkg install go'. HAHAAHHAHAHAH it was right there wating to be installed the whole time gAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Okay! Simple as that, now I can move on to actually installing molly-brown! One go get later and it's downloaded. Simply move files to proper directories, edit the config file, and 'service molly start'. I received this error message: molly does not exist in /etc/rc.d or the local startup directories (/usr/local/etc/rc.d), or is not executable. I double checked that all files were in their correct directories and still couldn't figure it out. I decided to have my problems solved by others so I made an acount on the freebsd forums and asked my question.

=>https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/service-does-not-exist-or-is-not-executable.80832/ My Question

Turns out that I needed to change the permissions of the molly-brown bianary to make it executable. I ran 'service molly start' and no errors! 'service molly status' tolde me it was running, so I thought it was a success! I went to connect to its local ip adress from amfora and when the conection was refused, I was like "Oh yeah, I forgot about the tls certs". So I looked around for a tutorial so I could copy and paste the command. I found some, but they didn't work. Around that time, I figured maybe using 'service molly start still wasn't working so I went to /usr/local/sbin and typed molly-brown. That at least made molly start up, I try connecting again through amfora and it tells me that common name is legacy and I should use SAN. I asked for advice on the gemini protocol matrix room. That helped, oppen gave me a link to nodejs's openssl guide and I combined its commands with another tutorial to make what I though was a cert that worked with SAN. It still said the servers cert didn't use SAN when I tried connecting!!!

=>https://nodejs.org/api/tls.html Nodejs tls guide

=>https://geekflare.com/san-ssl-certificate/ Create a San cert.(Doesn't go over self signing though)

At this point I'm getting frustrated at stuff for not working. I know its just me not knowing how to use computers though. Well, I'm going to take a long break from my raspbery pi.

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