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The Boston Diaries

2021-08-02 I never said testing was bad, just that it's tedious to automate

2021-07-29 “Would love to hear about your prior development method. Did adopting the new practices have any upsides?”

2021-07-29 I wonder how the unit test cultists would deal with the testing I do

2021-07-27 The meetings will continue until morale improves

2021-07-23 I'm surprised the Secret Service did not shut them down immediately

2021-07-20 A most persistent spam

2021-07-20 There are reasons for operators

2021-07-07 The search engine for text-heavy web sites

2021-07-07 To unit test or not to unit test, that is the question

2021-07-06 Thanks, Facebook!

2021-07-05 It's still a sane library for decoding DNS packets, but now it's a sane library for encoding as well

2021-07-05 A reimplementation of a web idea in Gemini

2021-07-02 A small heads up to my D&D group

2021-07-01 I finally get the regression test working, just in time to rewrite the entire thing

2021-06-24 The avionics compartment on an Airbus 350

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