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Welcome to Conman Laboratories Gemini Server!

The Number 1 Gemini Server

(that is, the first one, not necessarily the best one)

This is your host, Sean.

The Boston Diaries ATOM feed

The Boston Diaries Feed

The Boston Diaries Archive

The Boston Diaries (via the web)

The Boston Diaries (via gopher)


Web Site

The server I wrote, GLV-1.12556, runs things around here. You can view the source code at Github, or here. Take your pick. Also included are links to some extensions to GLV-1.12556 that I wrote that manage stuff around here.

Source Code

Source Code on Github

Custom Extensions to the Source Code

We support CGI scripts!

We support SCGI programs!

The folowing are examples of what one can do via Gemini.

The King James Bible

Quote O' the Moment

The Sigil---get yours today!

The Sigil source code

A Simple Guessing Game

UCSD-Pascal-source.zip (the actual ZIP file you can download)

UCSD-Pascal-source.zip/ (browse the contents of the ZIP file)

Ask the Magic 8-Ball a yes/no question

A Private Area is available for your perusal---all that's needed is a client certificate to be presented. Any client certificate will do. Just create one (there are many guides online for how to do it), and ensure it's available when making a request to this area.

Private Area

There's also the Conman Labs Private Area. This is off limits to non-authorized personel. Please contact sean@conman.org about getting access to this restricted area.

Conman Labs Private Area

The following links are meta-Gemini links---links that deal with Gemini itself, the protocol, the default text format, what have you. These links show what one can do with Gemini if one stops thinking about files and more about requests.

Gemini Request For Comments

Gemini Client Torture Test

Text wrapping samples

Text reflowing samples

Download various size files

Test files

Other Gemini Servers---These were the first five to be created:

The First One

Project Gemini




And an up-to-date list of servers

Thank you for your support.

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