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2021/01/03 - Reply - Christina - Five Questions

Christina - 2021/01 Five Questions 5Q

As ever, Christina is on point with questions for us, getting to the nitty gritty of a new year.

1. This year, did you try reading a book in a genre you usually don't gravitate to? What did you think of it?

I did. It’s a usual practice, to read outside my interests or opinions. Ideas are mete angels to wrestle. One such which comes to mind was Snow Crash. I didn’t finish it. I’m not a fan of 80’s and 90’s cyberpunk, no matter how prophetic. Frankly, the pop lit style and breathless technofetishism leaves me cold. I’m either too old or too old fashioned. Give me Little Women and Asimovian robots.

2. Have you ever made a New Year's resolution that you stuck to? (Are you still sticking to it?)

No, though I probably should, haha. Aren’t resolutions at new year rather facetious? Anyway, we still have another month and change before New Year in our family.

3. What does "healthy" mean to you?

To be flush with energy, neotenously in wonder, sparking with awe, before the gates of friendly possibilities. Would that we all could summon good health. That’s a worthy Heaven to work for.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Indubitably a night owl. I try valiantly for the mornings. But the night beguiles with hours. The night is silent and intimate.

5. Will you get the COVID vaccine? Why or why not?

Of course. Because I’m at high risk for COVID mortality and not for the very rare histamine issues which vaccines can have. I’m more comfortable with locked down fora and less boisterous human hegemony than most of our specie... But it will be nice to see museums again and breathe without cotton smothering my mouth.

All my best wishes for you and yours, Christina. Thanks for your efforts hereabouts.



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