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2020/11/17 - Pol - Demographic Change in the Recent USA Election

For a good look at the facts being obscured by the standard mediatic narratives around the USA 2020 elections, look at this insightful summary of the demographic shifts by Musa Al-Gharbi:

Summary of demographic shifts in the USA 2020 election. (Web - Guardian)

Despite conventional wisdom, the electoral trend with racial minorities in the last several decades is increasingly toward the socially conservative GOP. The same holds for white women. Meanwhile, defections of white men -to- the Democrats won Biden the northern swing state votes. Republicans who voted for Biden but otherwise voted by their party was also high.

Before saying these shifts have on-the-ground implications, I still have questions:

The supposed “record turnout” in 2020 was in reality only about 65% of potential voters. A good day for the USA, but rather anemic in most democracies. That means that 45% of potential voters (and possibly also numbers of people not allowed to vote) effectively voted “no confidence” or “none of the above” in the 2020 election. Only about half of the USA voted. My takeaway is that a dichotomous hegemony is still being floated to browbeat the public into participation in the duoparty regime.

This worked to some extent, but perhaps not nearly as much as the Dems and the liberal class were hoping. In 2020, DEMs were *not* motivated by identarian considerations in large numbers. In the electoral arena at least, identarianism has mostly failed. Meanwhile, conservative racial minorities continued a slow movement to shore up the GOP through the Christian political evangelism which Trump made good on through his Supreme Court picks. Given the patent effectiveness of the GOP outreach to racial minorities in their religiopolitical bloc in both 2016 and 2020, the smart money going forward is still on the GOP for their political savvy, while the Dems are looking pretty ill as a sociopolitical coalition.

So... There’s no relief, even if Trump did concede. Literally half the United States was not represented in this election. Whatever one’s ideology, it begs the question of serious legitimacy deficits for the body politic of the USA, not to mention the American Empire.

Addendum Disid-erratum

If Trump just decides to not leave, who really would take him out? If it came down to a staring contest between him and Biden, or him and Pelosi, I hazard the odds are on Trump. If he wanted to stage a putsch with his Oath Keepers and III%ers and Christian Dominionist military officer corps, who would actually stand against him? Aside from the motley Antifa and BLM cliques, I mean. And “progressives” waving signs and big protest puppets.

It’s not really a question of human numbers, as Mao rightly noted, but of guns. And by extension the other engines of the corporate state. Who would have the foot to stop the buck? Who in the oligarch and corporate classes with machines under their control could do so, and how?

I assume these discussions have already been had. But I don’t think the terrain in the bureaucracies and military are well enough mapped to clearly see the dividing lines of a possible civil war for most of us outside the DC Beltway. We just don’t know from here.

The liberal state is on very shaky soil right now, and the chattering classes are still not really paying enough attention. We should not assume most elements of the USA regime would not support a bold faced coup. But what do I know; I’m just a peasant derelict.



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