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2020/10/26 - Reply - Prosthetic Conscience - Gemini Drafts

Prosthetic Conscience - Gemini Drafts

How do you handle drafts?


Lovely idea to have a branching draft folder for Gemini.

For myself, I hope it doesn’t betray a lack of care, but I don’t often bother. Like you said, I don’t oft find it needful. I write the green text on black, a simple text file. Then give it a once over before I change .txt to .gmi, then sftp sync. More often than not, I later notice some especially silly flub, which I must correct and resync anyway. But until I name it a .gmi, I suppose it is a draft, and presumably “silent” on server, if public.

If Gemini does ever take a more formal rôle for some, perhaps this deserves a generally recommended custom. A hidden folder branch seems handy enough.




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