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2020/10/02 - Reply - Christina’s Five Questions

Christina’s Five Questions - October

1. Are "hidden" (possibly non-carbon life forms) aliens hiding in our midst?

It depends on what you mean by hidden, life, and aliens. On some levels, this is most certain. Ask any animist about meteorites. (Howdy.) In a conventional modus, we may be the descendants of hidden aliens, if panspermia seeding happened. It’s likewise clear from plenteous and sometimes quite reliable witness, that “something” is flitting about in remote areas. These may not be “little grey men”. But truly there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies.

I’d wager we are one of the first biotic, technophilic critters to ravage a planet, but that other critters are milling about with as much or more perspicacity despite living beyond our naturally chauvinistic frameworks of reference. Just ask the cetaceans. Perhaps some of them have trundled to our little cosmic island by metacognitive hyperspace.

Hopefully our cyborganic posterity will wise up and clean up our mess a bit before they go exploring. I’m hopeful, though by no means optimistic, since they have us for parents.

2. Germans have "Fruehlingsmuedigkeit" - literally "spring tiredness". Does any change of season have a physical effect on you.

Summer is a weary struggle, usually. I loathe sweat.

3. If you could stockpile something delicious for wintertime, what would you pick? (You do not have to bury it😂)

包子、spicy hot cocoa, hot apple cider, pizza...

4. What is your favourite book and why? And yes I know this is probably a mundane question but as a reader…

Goodness, I’ve had ever so many.

Scriptures / classics... too many and too dear to name.

Alice in Wonderland...

Room with a View...

5. Are there things that you enjoy eating or cooking in the Autumn?

Yes, indeed. Stuffed pumpkin is my Fall specialty, which I shall post as a recipe directly. It provides several nights of harvest feasting, depending on the size of the pumpkin.



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