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I think I’m the opposite of a script kiddie. I shall explain.

Like a script kiddie, I have no real 1337 skillz. This only rankles a little. I love to learn. But I would like to learn more effectively. On the whole, however, I prefer it if things “just work”, so am happy for the modicum of ability to scour KewlHaxorLyfeHax.net to find others’ options to benefit from their labour and suffering. I admire the script kiddies for this economy.

But I’m an old lady, not a young punk. I don’t want to “be a haxor” or crack someone’s system. (Although I should fancy knowing how to do that to help harden my own.) I like cosy days curled up with curl and relaxed time slowly learning things about tech. Compies can be our friends. It’s nice to be friendly through the computer neighbourhoods.

So I decided to “identify as” a “scriptster”: part muddled script copypaste enthusiast and part mouldy spinster. I think that nicely invokes the aesthetic and ethical position. Code as knitting. Command line embroidery. That’s where I’m at.


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