-- Leo's gemini proxy

-- Connecting to gemini.circumlunar.space:1965...

-- Connected

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-- Meta line: 20 text/gemini; lang=en-US



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I’m looking to add more.


This capsule has both a JSON Feed and an Atom feed. If you want to know more about what they are, have a look at these pages:

The JSON Feed website

Wikipedia’s Atom page

The RFC for the Atom Syndication Format

Because I’m lazy, for some definition of “lazy”, I write a changelog in YAML and then convert it to JSON, which makes it a JSON Feed. This JSON Feed is then converted to Atom so CAPCOM can read it.

If you’d like to view either feed yourself, then, well, have at:




This site happily uses WebP, one of the finest semi-popular lossless image-compression codecs available today. By using WebP instead of PNG, this site shaves a whole 34 bytes (halving the file size!) off of the tracking pixel used on all pages here.

Speaking of the tracking pixel, its cheery, transparent self-introduction is derived from the finest e-mail .signature viruses from the late 90s.


Hi! I’m a one-pixel invisible tracking image! View me to let my webmaster know you’ve scrolled through the entire page!

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