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Nate On Circumlunar!

Who and Why?

Hey all, I'm checking out Gemini. I have set up my own server but I'm not sure if I'll keep running it, soooo I'm using this space as well.

I'm Nate Dickson. I spent sixteen years as a professional programmer, now I'm a manager type who tells real programmers what to do. I figure my "I used to be a developer" cred will run out in about five more months.

I like to write, I like the world of technology even if I don't professionally do software development any more.

I'm excited by the nature of a simple, clean, plaintext approach to the world. I'm still learning, and I look forward to some good conversations. I wrote an article about my thoughts on the need for things like this, simple places that are centered on the humans involved instead of the technology or companies.


For now, here's a list of links to things about me. A better list is on my other server.


my Personal Gemini Server (for now)

My Gemlog

My Mastodon presence

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