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Dominik Dalek @ geminiverse

No bells, no whistles, a journal of Soyuz development.

Soyuz is a WIP Gemini client. Rendering and keyboard/mouse interaction

are done through SDL. In its current exploratory phase it's written in

C# (.NET Core) and as such should run on any modern platform (Windows,

Linux, OSX). With time, once Gemini spec becomes semi-stable, business

logic will be ported over to C++17.

What exists today is a POC that is able to fetch a single gmi document

and display it using non-monospace font.

Soyuz 0.0.1 screenshot

Primary goals

Primary goals can be summarized as:

accepting gmi, ascii, ansi, txt

proportional font support with text wrapping

good support for monospace content

support for JPG, PNG and GIF images

configurable looks (desired wrapping width, colors, font sizes)

support for keyboard and mouse navigation

bookmarks and OS integration (links in other apps launch Soyuz)

Secondary goals

Secondary goals (a.k.a. maybe at some point I'll get to this):

screen reader support


rendering AsciiDoc and reStructuredText

support for SVG

gopher protocol

Once Soyuz becomes a semi-usable browser, its source will be released

under an ISC or a BSD 2-Clause License (TBD).

Thoughts on the Gemini protocol and document format

I've got many, stay tuned.

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