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bronzie - Bronzie's 5Q set for December 2021

1. 6 weeks on a ventilator with COVID, followed by long-term 40% reduced fitness for 18 months but open freedom, or no disease but 2 more years of hard lockdown? Why?

Two more years of hard lockdown. I have reading to do, books to rehome (anyone want my husband's CDs and paperback collection?), skills to cultivate. Also, I'm a miracle in my family: over fifty with no cancer!

Incredible! Cancer can be caused by a virus. CoViD-19 in your scenario suggests Vitamin D3 deficiency, and if the monocytes, lymphocytes, basophils, natural killer cells, eosinophils, other parts of the immune system are too damaged or sparse to get their act together without Vitamin D3, don't expect the usual length of recovery time when the first symptoms of a cold or flu virus occur. Go shop for 'final arrangements.'

2. US to engage China over a Taiwan invasion, or US to engage Russia over a Ukraine invasion.

I'm supposed to take the Russia option, as where my maternal line came from is now Ukraine. China's gonna get slaughtered by Team Canada in Men's Olympic hockey anyway. Three goals from Canada in the first three minutes then satellite transmission broadcast will suddenly fail.

3. Trump as US President again for 1 term, or Mike Pence for 2 terms

I expect zero sympathy from USans, but their voting actions (electoral college, insecure voting machines) in 2017 is exactly why I left the US after 23 years, and I am happier and at peace where I am. Is everything better there now because a danged immigrant went back where she came from? Mike Pence for two terms. I'm not marrying any American to rescue them, though. Not unless they max out the GoFundMe for my husband's medical expenses.

4. A year of Saturday dinners at your country's best restaurants, or a 3-day weekend of mind-blowingly fantastic sex with your biggest crush.

This is tough. Do you know, no Canadian restaurants are rated above three stars in the Michelin Guide? If I lived in the US or Japan this'd be an easy choice. I'll take the three-day weekend of mind-blowingly fantastic sex with my biggest crush.

5. Work 3 8-hour days a week, retire at 50 but die at 70, or work 6 8-hour days a week, retire at 70, but live to 85

Option 5. I'm living the dream.


bronzie - Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for September 2020


1. New York City or Los Angeles? Why?

Post-pandemic: Los Angeles. Because: more sun, more Vitamin D3. More space, Hollywood graveyards, hills and the sea. No snow. Catalina Island. New York City has far more diversity, and is a better food city, plus one doesn't require a car. Los Angeles has more Canadians per capita than NYC does.

2. What is your favourite game, and why?

People who know me would think I'd answer "Scrabble," but no. I like games where the pieces don't have as much chance to go astray, no lexicon that is updated. I like Yahtzee because it's chance and Resource Allocation, like the Stock Market.

3. Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Better Soundtrack and Visuals. Plus it's a comedy.

4. You can have an abundance of only one - what do you pick and why (CPU GHz, CPU Cores, RAM, Storage).

I'm lost here. I was going to say storage. I think about how I'm occupying my time, downloading books and movies. I'll never read all of them, that's an addiction, digital hoarding.

5. If one must die, which would you kill: Linux or Firefox?

Firefox. By this time it has surviving kin.


bronzie - Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for August 2020


1. What is the last item of physical a/v media you bought?

A: A KompaktDisk set "Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-81 Volume 3". I believe this came from Red Cat Records, a Vancouver LP and CD store so magnificent we happily visited from Seattle just to shop here. It is a gift to my husband.

2. Does your first IRL (non media fantasy) crush know how you felt about them?

A: Yes, I was young, hormonal and stupid. And yes, he missed out and devolved to where, even with gloves and a metre-long stick, I would have to be bribed to scrape him from under a rock.

3. 1994 or 2014? Why?

A: 1994. No removing the shoes at airports, nootropics were an interest and not a perceived necessity, a driver's license was all that was needed to cross the border, good magazines were still in supermarket aisle, Usenet was fun and relatively spam-free.

4. City or Countryside?

A: Last year this would not be difficult! However now I live five scant minutes away from the countryside, and I've aged into an old person who loves fresh salmon and blueberries and food direct from the farms, and who loves geocaching along shoreline and mountain trails. I am a two minute drive from the hospital, but this is not common for all countrysiders. When I wash my face with a cotton pad the dirt on my face is a light brick or ecru, and not the black that came from living little over a kilometre from a busy freeway in one of the top two congested traffic cities in the US.

In normal periods I would opt for living in the city. I like walkable areas and visiting libraries and doing all my errands by foot kept me trim.

Right now living by the country means driving to most places, but I don't have to submit to cumbersome mandated restrictions as social distancing and handwashing are all we need out here, don't encounter so much foot traffic.

5. If offered either of the following for free, which would you choose - 2020 Apple Silicon Macbook or 1982 Grid Compass 1011

A: It is a good thing that I have no 'street cred' as a retrocomputing dynamo, although I DID visit the Living Computers Museum a few years ago, on purpose, and enjoyed it, and typed out a real running program in BASIC. I won't lose people for opting for the 2020 Apple Silicon Macbook. If I could overcome the belief that people who would salivate over the 1982 Grid Compass 1011 are likely the people who would invent reasons not to come over and see it or show me what I can do with it in 2020 -- can I tempt you with my Deutsche Elektronische Musik and my excellent essential oil enhanced homemade lemonade? -- I might consider the older one. As it is my laptop is already old enough for me, and I haven't touched an Apple since 1993.


christina - Five Questions July 2020

1. Consideration, meaning taking me as a person and not strictly a wall or audient.

2. Oven-fried chicken - 4 oz butter, one cut-up chicken and Spike seasoning -> simple excellence.

3. Fuzzy-Felt is a simple fabric toy intended for young children, first sold in 1950. The toys consist of a flocked backing board onto which a number of felt shapes are placed to create different pictures. Felt pieces can be simple silhouettes or more detailed printed shapes. For a farmyard scene, for example, auxiliary pieces would typically be cows, sheep, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, a farmer, and a tractor. Other scenes might include hospital, pets, vehicles.

Sample picture here (HTML):


4. I'm in bed, lolling with my fortress-wall of books. The bed is cluttered, with my mom's quilt on top, envelopes of letters from penfriends, writing pads, bookmarks, my husband's clothes and my clothes.

5. I dyed my hair red when I was eighteen. It didn't hold -- I was a blonde then and in six weeks it was a tangerine colour.

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