-- Leo's gemini proxy

-- Connecting to gemini.circumlunar.space:1965...

-- Connected

-- Sending request

-- Meta line: 20 text/gemini

Gemtext cheatsheet

Here's the basics of how text works in Gemtext:

Long lines get wrapped by the client to fit the screen

Short lines *don't* get joined together

Write paragraphs as single long lines

Blank lines are rendered verbatim

You get three levels of heading:

# Heading

## Sub-heading

### Sub-subheading

You get one kind of list and you can't nest them:

* Mercury
* Gemini
* Apollo

Here's a quote from Maciej Cegłowski:

> I contend that text-based websites should not exceed in size the major works of Russian literature.

Lines which start with ``` will cause clients to toggle in and out of ordinary rendering mode and preformatted mode. In preformatted mode, Gemtext syntax is ignored so links etc. will not be rendered, and text will appear in a monospace font.

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