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Welcome to Remini

Remini is a proxy service that allows some basic browsing of Reddit.com from Geminispace.

It is a work in progress. Currently supported features are:

Viewing a user's recent comments and submissions.

Viewing a subreddit's hot submissions.

Viewing a submission's top comments.

Viewing the top replies to a comment.

How it works

Just append the path of the Reddit URL (after the domain name) to "gemini://gemini.bunburya.eu/remini". For example:

To view a subreddit:


To view a user:


To view the comments for a submission:


Just accessing /u/ or /r/ will prompt you for the name of the user or subreddit to view.


Remini is a Python script, which serves requests over SCGI. Its source code can be found at:


It requires Python 3.6 or later and depends on the `praw`, `md2gemini` and `scgi` Python libraries.

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