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OSPF and BGP learning.

Have been having a bit of fun going through KNorrie's guide on linux based networking┬╣, a lot of learning to be had, have even managed to get things working on debian 10, when I think this was designed for 8? As an aside, I do dislike the named releases of debian, I never remember which one's which. I think I'll try getting my fixes in as a pull request.

I've just finished up the OSPF section, and managed to get the default route distributed across the little network, with IPv6 and IPv4, next up learning about BGP :)


Have now applied for 4 linux engineering jobs that I have a legitimate shot at, and another half dozen or so that I don't really fit with, and I have another set of selection criteria to run through tonight. I wonder if I'll keep my record intact, I've never successfully gained employment where the application required selection criteria!

But overall, the job market for me seems to be pretty OK!





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