> [...] I have yet to restore all of my gemini site to fully functioning. Why? Because I do plan on changing it, but I am going to actually put it all back up and let it grow organically. No re-doing my entire site, just modifying and adding. That's the ticket. Organically grown websites and gemini capsules. [...] => gemini://thedaemons.space:1965/gemlog/2021-05-16.gmi og post by thedaemon I identify strongly with this sentiment. I've redone my website (HTTP) a couple of times, especially since its zenith in about 2018, where it had a /lot/ of content ... and I've never had it go back to that. Part of me wants to have all that stuff in there, but part of me wants to just organically let it grow. Same with this space, by the way. It's kind of nice to have it as just a thoughtspace, where I don't worry about SEO or marketability or anything. Just kind of ... long-form twitter, without the bs. A lettered conversation. Yeah. So thedaemon, if you're listening, I love this idea. Keep it small, keep it free-timed. Just ... do it, you know? Go with the flow. Oh, and def check out undo-fu. It's great for Emacs undo. gemini://gem.acdw.net:1965/raw/2021-05-25. re: html & gemini status

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