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2021-06-14. lunch lines

I've decided I'm going to start writing some lines during my lunch breaks at my new job. It takes less time to eat than I have, so I have some extra time, and instead of dicking around on Reddit or w/e I'll just write a little missive. Yeah, fun!

I'm using Windows still on this work laptop. I think I could switch to Linux whenever but I just haven't yet. I should try WSL to see if it's any good, I suppose. Now I have the page open ... oh boy, Powershell. This will be fun. I'm so excited.


I fed a sloth a sweet potato on Saturday. It was kind of ... life, you know? Really pretty great. I'll see if I can somehow upload a video later. Otherwise, imagine this.

A sloth, asleep in a corner platform.

My hand, grasping a sweet potato spear, coming near its face.

I stop just beyond its nose, wet, like a dog's nose.

It twitches (the nose).

Without opening its eyes, the sloth extends its lips a bit and I bring the sweet potato closer. It bites the sweet potato, and I let go. It eats.

It sleeps.

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