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2021-05-22. Base N Ball

Here's a game idea I had a while back, for a game called base /n/ ball.

Basically, it's baseball, but the /base/ of the game changes each inning.

Here's the rules. I'd love to hear what you think.

Base /N/ ball

Base /n/ ball is a sport experiment with number bases, or /radices/. It resembles American baseball, except for the following tweaks:

There are always 10 bases.

The /game radix/ -- the radix in which every game number is notated --begins in binary and increases each inning.

Innings turn over after 10 outs.

The game is won by the first team that scores 100 points, or whichever team has the most points at the end of the inning where the game radix exhausts the Latin alphabet (henceforth called the /alphabet exhaustion number/, or /aen/).

Special care has to be taken as to the layout of the bases, since their number and configuration changes each inning. There are a number of /fixed plates/ of game play, around which the other plates are arranged, in what's called the /base circle/: the /pitcher's plate/ (in baseball, a /mound/) and the /home plate/. These plates form the center and a radial terminus of a perfect circle whose radius is 𝑒^𝑒+𝛑 m. All the other plates are placed equidistant around the circumference of this circle.

The infield is similarly specified: it is inscribed by a circle tangent to the home plate, and encircling the base circle, with a radius of ϕ(𝑒^𝑒+𝛑) m.

The foul lines extend from the home plate, through points on the base circle that are either end of a line perpendicular to the pitcher-batsman line, and continue to the end of the outfield.

The outfield, like in normal baseball, is arbitrarily large.

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