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2021-05-21. a new start

I suppose I'm going to start blogging (what were we calling it? gemlogging?

*logging? I kind of like the *logging, since it has the Unix-style globbing

/and/ it's a star) again on here. It's been a while.

To be honest, I quit before because of my workplace blocking gem.acdw.net

completely, which it isn't doing now. So here I am. I tend to do a lot of

stuff from work because I have a good amount of downtime, and when I get home I

watch TV/cook/dick around on Reddit/etc. So no time to write *log posts.

Maybe that's partially why I'm writing again here. I'm starting a new job in

June and I'm going to be much more busy there. I've been at my current job for

four years, which is a long time to have most of your day to yourself except

you're at work. I'm not sure if my work/life balance is going to get

healthier (I'll have to do more "productive" things at home since I can't do

them at work) or less so (I'll just be tired all the time).

A word on the scare-quoted "productive" above. I'm not talking about

side-hustle productive or anything like that. Though.... no, I'm not talking

about that. I just mean, I have hobbies and stuff I /want/ to do, but it's

easy to not do those things because watching TV or Reddit is easier. I suppose

that's that depression coming through (has anyone made the joke 'derpression?'

is that anything?). So don't worry, I'm not trying to be a good little

capitalist. I know you were worried.

Who am I talking to anyway? Feel free to drop me a line, I think my email is

around here somewhere. If it isn't, you can reach me at acdw at acdw dot net.

Talk soon <3

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