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Garden Gnome Society

Welcome, friend! Here at the Garden Gnome Society we monitor the state of the AstroBotany Community Garden. Please register there, and help us keep the garden in good shape.

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This report was compiled around 2021-09-20 00:31 UTC.

Plant of the Day

Astrobotany - Seri's Garden

      , oo|oo   .
   .  |`. \|\  /|  .,
 . |\ | | /||^| |  /|
  \ \v| \v /|v/| |/ |
   \ |\  |/ /| / V  /
  \^\ \ \ \ / / ,| /
.  , \ \\ \ |,/_/./ / .
 ^      '        `    '

name  : "Miracle"
stage : common ethereal green flowering agave
age   : 10 days
rate  : 4th generation (x1.6)
score : 1948132

Wilting Plants

These plants are in dire need of love and water. They may die without your intervention :(

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Just another test user's Garden

calpicute's Garden

Dry Plants

These plants need to be watered, but are so far not in awful shape. If you have water in your can, consider helping them.

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