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Port in two senses

Sense 1: network port

My capsule got extensively probed yesterday. It appears that someone with a German IP ran OpenVAS* and had a good poke around at port 1965. Who knows if I have now been pwnd?

* Wikipedia info on OpenVAS

I don't have anything secret on here. The only content that isn't public is the server log because it seemed in the spirit of Gemini not to reveal which requests came from where. There is a summary stats page*, but that now looks a bit weird now because the script that generates it isn't clever enough to deal with the gibberish from the probing.

Capsule stats

Side note

Being on CAPCOM has got me about seventy-something hits per gemlog entry. So that gives you some idea of the scale of the gemiverse. By comparison, geminispace.info lists 1,057 host names.

Sense 2: bottle of port

I hadn't seen some of my family for ages. The other day we had a get together, which was nice. One gave me a bottle of vintage port - a pandemic delayed Christmas present. Port is a nice thing to drink occasionally, but I've never had any this fancy. The label said to decant it because of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. I asked the internet for instructions. Apparently it doesn't last long after you decant it. One option is to rinse out the bottle, put the port back in there and use a vacuum stopper. But this port was so bloody delicious that I won't need to bother with that. I was really not expecting the difference between the normal stuff that I've had before (pleasant) and this (oh wow, that's niiiiiice).

There's still some left. Time for a small glass...

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