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Five Questions answered

Christina asks five questions very month.

Here's my answers for June.

2. What did you yearn for in your childhood that your parent(s) never gave you?

I wasn't the kind of child who wanted things. I assumed that I couldn't have it unless I was given it. Took me ages to work out that wanting things was a thing I could do. Oh, there was one thing. The popular bicycle was the Chopper, the one with the T-shaped gear lever on the frame in front of the strange-looking seat. Instead of that I was given first a second hand bike with no gears, then a folding bicycle. Neither made me look cool. Well, I learned the pointlessness of looking cool.

3. How do you know when it's time to ask for help?

It's always time to ask for help. So many things in life are too hard for one person. It can be difficult to ask for things (see 2 above) but one way to deal with that is to just talk to people in a non-asking-for-help just-having-a-chat way. Humans are co-operative and often just waiting for an opportunity to join in with whatever you're doing or dealing with. And people who don't want to help are acquaintances at best, not friends.

4. Recommend, and provide a recipe if you have one, a refreshing summer beverage.

Have a Martini and Lemonade. It's very simple. You need a bottle of Martini Extra-Dry or another similar vermouth. Put one ice cube in a glass. Surround it with vermouth. Add lemonade - more lemonade than vermouth (about twice as much, but you should experiment). Optional: add a slice of lemon, or a sprig of mint. Drink it outdoors.

5. Which childhood things do you still enjoy?

We used to walk in a beech wood sometimes, and I still like beech trees with their smooth trunks and papery leaves.

I re-read some Asterix books that I had liked as a child, and realised they were full of puns that had gone right over my head. So it was nice to find new things in something familiar. Some people hate puns. Save your hate for actual evil things.

1. Whom would you like to be for one day?

I left this one to last because I struggled to find an answer. I quite like being me. Maybe I could try someone who's as different from me as possible, just to see what that's like. I could be an athletic black woman because I'm none of those things. Bit of a shock for her if she has to be me for a day.

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