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Welcome to my gem port. Feel free to dock your pod here and browse through my thoughts and rambles.

Current notes:

I've recently switched over to a new set of scripts to generate the content on this server from its asciidoc source documents. Because of this, some files might be missing, or some formatting might not be up to snuff. If you see anything off, please contact me, preferably via Mastodon / the Fediverse.

I'll likely be replacing my gemini server's certificates soon; I'll share the new fingerprints beforehand once I'm ready to do so, as well as announce the change out-of-band via my Mastodon account.

One of the next upcoming changes will involve the hashtags scattered through the posts. For the gem-log output I'll probably end up stripping these from the text, and perhaps summarising them as a list of links at the bottom of the article.

Why this gemlog?

For more than a year now I've been trying to get a web-based blog online, but I'm too picky when it comes to the overall design of the thing, and too easily distracted.

As a result I've also not been writing actual blog posts because part of me feels like I should first finish it before adding more content.

With the Gemini protocol gaining quite some traction with the people roaming the Fediverse, and its focus on content rather than design, I figured I could perhaps try to publish the articles on my own GemLog. Gem-port? Glog? Not quite sure about the right nomenclature. ;)

Current posts:

Here's a list of posts that are currently accessible on this server:


2021-04-10 - Writing an index of Gemini files

[Gemini, coding, music, GemText, coding exercise, unsolicited feedback]

2021-04-04 - Revision 2021 - Creative people creating art on old and new hardware

[demoscene, art, coding, music, journal]

2021-03-18 - Drawing with BeardGrabber's crayons 🖼🖍

[drawing, crayons, parenting, BeardGrabber]

2021-03-11 - Eye of FiXato - an example photo album for Gemini

[blog, gemini, gem-log, photography, ProofOfConcept]

2021-03-10 - Exploring the concept of photo albums for Gemini

[blog, gemini, gem-log, photography, ScratchYourOwnItches]

2021-02-21 - Some thoughts on brewing coffee and tea with a French press

[blog, coffee, tea, French press, Siiw, beverages, hot beverages]

2020-03-25 - An uneventful day: daily exercise, mobile gaming and blog-development

[mobile gaming, parenting, coding, blog-development, journal]

2020-03-24 - A day of snow and pancakes

[mobile gaming, parenting, coding, blog-development, journal]

2013-06-22 - Gaming Memories 🖼🖍

[memories, retro-gaming, gaming, blogspot, Secret of Mana, SNES, Nintendo, GameBoy, MSX, MSX2, homecomputers, Mario, Lufia, Mario Kart]

Timeless Thoughts

2021-04-10 - Boost-worthy content

[signalboost, gemlog, gemini]

2021-03-18 - Gemini tips ♊💡

[gemini, tips, geotagging, exiftool, metadata]

About FiXato

2021-03-02 - FiXato's avatar in ASCII Art form

2021-02-23 - What is FiXato currently doing?

[development, media, ScratchYourOwnItches, parenting]

I still plan to put a bit more of a directory structure into them, so don't consider these links as permalinks yet. :)

About the formatting of the posts:

Of course I don't want to have to completely rewrite my posts. I've already done that once from Markdown to AsciiDoc... I also would like the option for future gem-log entries to be usable for the web-log once I get that up and running.

As AsciiDoc is quite a bit more versatile than Gemini's Gemtext, this meant I had to convert the texts somehow, and lose quite some functionality, such as collapsible content-warning sections, inline links, and styling.

Sadly, pandoc does not support direct conversion of adoc to gemtext, so I had to write some scripts to chain asciidoctor, pandoc and md2gemini together, as well as clean up the resulting markdown files.

Since the original posts were written with HTML output in mind, it relies heavily on in-line links, and the description of said links might not be quite as optimised for a gem-log.

Posts also still contain hashtags, which on the web-log are meant to link to my Mastodon posts that contain those hashtags. Eventually I'll add a post-processing script that will strip these.

I hope that the current conversion scripts do a decent enough job at making my original posts accessible, and will encourage me to write new ones on a more regular basis.

Reporting typos and other inaccuracies:

While I eventually plan to have all the source files for the articles, as well as the conversion scripts and other tools up on one of my Git repositories, and would welcome fixes through a pull-request, that currently is not yet the case as everything lives solely on my server and on my local dev machine. In time I'll have all this in a public repo, but for now you are free to point out my errors and mistakes via one of the contact methods below:

Contact Details:

-- Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter (He/Him)

ASCII Art representation of me, based on an avatar drawn by MeKenzie "DM7" Martin

My @FiXato profile at Toot.Cat

My @FiXato profile at Mastodon.social

My self-hosted contact profiles page


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