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One Hundred

tags: gemini

According to ls and wc this file is going to be my 100th post on my capsule.

$ ls gemini/??/20??/20*.gmi | wc -l

Unbelievable. I was wondering, how long I would stick to writing on gemini. Now this is definitely much more than I envisioned. By some really odd coincidence there are fireworks going on outside while I type this. How nice of them! :)

I have to admit, that I piled quite a bit of tools to my workflow. I have mentioned sourcehut.org and my scripts before. Now I have restructured the git side with two separate local branches.

master is where the preparation, editing and testing takes place

publish is where new text is being cherry-picked into; This branch features an additional remote, which resides on sourcehut.org.

This way I can have unpublished content in my local copy of the capsule.




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