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Youn Sun Nah --- Enter Sandman

tags: music

"Enter Sandman" first appeared on "The Black Album" by Metallica. And every metal head has the album and knows the song, right? Suffice it to say, I'm not a metal head per se, but I do know the song nonetheless.

Enter Sandman on the way to Jena

During my thesis work a group of us students went to a conference. I chose to travel on a shoe string pretty much, that means: tent and camp ground (wet weather included :) and a ride with B in his blue Ford Escort. And since the driver is the one to choose the music ... it so happened that I heard an introduction to Metal for some 5 hours straight --- including the black album. Interesting experience.

Enter Sandman on the way from Tübingen

More recently I went to the record store and asked for whatever it was. The guy in there said, no, he didn't have that and he would order it if I wish. But --- he handed me a CD --- he had this. Same Girl by Youn Sun Nah. I happened to know her name from the radio, so without hesitation I went home with the CD.

Turns out, on this very album is a cover version of "Enter Sandman". Youn Sun Nah performs with Ulf Wakenius on guitar. Just two instead of four and without all the megawatt amplifiers. This version is marvellous. They capture the very essence of the song in an excellent way. Go, listen!

youtube: Youn Sun Nah, Enter Sandman

And while you are at it, maybe you want to listen to Calypso Blues as well, recorded as a song for voice and loop machine. Impressive, imho.

youtube: Youn Sun Nah, Calypso Blues

wikipedia: Youn Sun Nah

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