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Towards a proper FlightLog: Ribbons (was: Colored Lines)

tags: gemini flightlog

I decided to rename the "colored lines" to "ribbons".

A while back I decided to add "colored lines" to the capsule to humbly lead the reader through collections of posts or pages sharing a common theme.


More recently I thought, that maybe "ribbon" would be a better term. I also would like to somewhat simplify the top index page ... so. Here we go.

Blue Ribbon: Modern Wonders, where I try to point out that a lot of things we see on the net are indistinguishable from magic. I would like to encourage any readers to gaze in astonishment for a few moments. Allthough I have no idea whether others even read these posts.

Blue Ribbon: Modern Wonders

Yellow Ribbon: Music --- Lately I have been reminded that my collection of music does not fit into one category. Also I enjoy recommendations of others, so I decided to create another line through my capsule and add some information about what I like.

Yellow Ribbon: Music


Grey Ribbon --- about complexity


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