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I do hold a Xing profile which dates back to the time when this thing was called openBC --- I needed a job back then. I can say that I have gotten one job via Xing, so yes, it works! I have made some effort to keep the content slim. I have explicitly stated that I am currently not interested to pursue other opportunities. You know, where this is heading ...

Today I received another of these "We have the greatest job ever for you" emails.

> Bei der Position handelt sich um ein spannendes Aufgabengebiet, dass sich sehr gut mit Ihren Erfahrungen abgleicht und mit sehr lukrativen Verdienst- und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten verbunden ist.

My translation:

> The position offers interesting challenges, which fit very well to your experience, excellent salary and career opportunities included.

In other words "hot air". There wasn't a single detail of what that position would entail --- assuming the position actually exists.


I am at a complete loss, why headhunters actually try to contact me. Oh sure, I know. They are not interested in my career or my well being, but in theirs. I guess that 2 or 3 months worth of salary are exchanged for a successful head hunt. But maybe nowadays its not a real person, but some AI-program and a faked up profile picture --- who knows. So what to do?

Option 1

Select All, Delete. Sometimes I ignore those messages alltogether. But somehow I'm not convinced, that this is always correct.

Option 2

Most of the time I try being nice and just reply a line or two that I'm not interested. I'll leave out any details. And many times I'll receive a similarly short thank you note in reply.

Option 3

But sometimes I cannot resist and tell them, how unbelievably ignorant their message is. There's a big difference between C and C++. There's no use for a Linux fanboy in a Windows-centric product line. There is no reason to offer a team or area manager position to a person without any management experience listed in their resume despite being a grey beard, imho. Sometimes I probably insult them by asking whether they actually read my profile, and where exactly my profile offers any of the things asked for. Yes, I absolutely expect Mister or Misses Headhunter not only to read my profile, but to compare it with the wanted list.

All that being said, these are my "someone is wrong on the internet"-moments and I could savely return to options 1 or 2 and say "No, thanks, and have a nice day". :-)





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