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Commute 2

tags: life

A month ago (when exactly does all this time evaporate just so?) I wrote:

> I haven't tried the "bicycle to the train station" thing yet, but I shall try that again soonish.


So, today I took the bicycle for the second time. However, things turned out to be more involved.

Using the bicycle to ride from my doorstep to the train station after a lengthy hiatus of over 10 months is a bigger challenge than I expected. Various body parts are hurting afterwards --- that wasn't the case before. And 5 km is not far, is it? But well, none of us gets younger it seems. It is my hope, that riding more often will make my overall health better by just a whee bit.

On Mondays I now have a regular appointment, which requires me to take the car. While it is not impossible to get there by public transportation, it is a lengthy process. The destination being outdoors does not make it simpler. So it seems I'll stay with the car on that day. Starting by the end of September I give a regular class again (up until years end), which requires a pile of stuff to be carried around. So for another three months, Tuesdays is a car day, too.

Wednesday is my day off --- remember, I whole heartedly recommend to work part time, if you can possibly afford it.

That leaves Thursdays and Fridays.

I have 2 trainstations within reach. The one I usually take has the advantage that I can use a private bicycle box to have my bicycle sheltered from the weather and other unwanted interaction. The other one is a major station, where the express is stoping as well. The express would go to my destination without the need to change trains midway. However, a bicycle box sure is a nice thing to have.

Plus train drivers organizes strikes have not helped lately.

Oh well. I am typing this into an instance of emacs while on the train approaching mid station. Thanks to all of you, who have made sleep mode on my little notebook work without a hitch! --- Ok, midway train change successfully completed.

I added agate and my gemini capsule to the notebook, so I can at least read my own stuff for reference. So nice!

Cheers to all my fellow commuters, where ever you are on the planet. May you always enjoy your ride!



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