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Shining Star of the Week (3)

tags: life

I used to work in a large, international company, stock market and all. It so happened that I had the interesting experience to be mentioned in the "Shining Star of the Week" list three times. And since the events were somewhat interesting, I decided to write them down. For the wonder and enjoyment of others and possibly myself as well.

Shining Star of the Week (1)

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At the time I was working as a support engineer for the Unix operating system widely used at this company.

US calling, sort of

My name appeared in this list a third time. However, things weren't as clear cut this time around. I would still call it an extraordinary coincidence that this happened just a few days after I had announced something. I honestly do not remember what exactly it was. May have been one of these:

I turned the offer down to become the manager of the group. My peers would even have liked this, but for me it was an easy decision. I said something like this: 1. I expect you (the peers of my manager, who was leaving) to list the job as open seeking applications; 2. I wish that they come to see the team and we have a say on our impressions; 3. I'm willing to handle the vacant role up to a new person showing up, max. 6 months. This sort of very clear expectations did not sit well with said managers. To be fair, we had three applicants, the team had their say --- and then nothing happened any more. I asked more than once. Nothing. But then it was announced that this position had been cancelled alltogether.

After that announcement I immediately ceased my voluntary handling of the vacant role. This did not sit well with them managers either. And I still think it was the correct decision for me. However, I did learn then, that nobody would listen to me from this point on. If your manager shows up with "Sir, could you imagine changing to role X?" then this looks like a question, but isn't. There is no plan B.

If I remember correctly, some time after the above, I told my manager that I would comtemplate the question, what I could do for the team in the future. And prospects were sort of grim. The function of the organization was going to be outsourced. They were somewhat afraid that I'd leave the next day. So they offered a bonus if I sign an agreement to stay at least 12 months. Needless to say, I turned that down as well. I stayed for more than 12 months though before taking the offer to leave with a nice compensation.

So no, I did not feel like a shining star at this third time. but heck.

It came to may attention that said managers nick name for me was "Mister Brutally Honest". Go figure.


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