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Re: Wishing for Stricter Gemtext

tags: gemini

ew0k ponders conversion to html and now "stricter gemtext" would help the conversion.


I wouldn't object to his assessment. I'm just not as pedantic about it.

I convert my gmi files to html via a shell script[a]. Yes, a shell script. The simplest thing that could possibly work! I'm doing this only such that folks, who want to see my text, but are without a gemini browser right now, have a chance. I sometimes use this myself to show something to someone at day job, for example. However, I make no attempt whatsoever to arrive at something visually more pleasing on the html side of the game. I'm not trying for one bit to control the visual representation. I'm not even sure, that the resulting .html files are syntactically correct. As long as my torbrowser shows the text, good enough!

Another point: if I choose to spend a lot of spaces somewhere, in a set of links and descriptions. Then almost always it is for me to be able to better read the "source code". I hope that the client does a better job to layout my text, except for quoted blocks.

2020-07-24 This is a non-working site

2021-07-24 This site might work, however, a year has passed since the last one

I just checked with elpher. And it does not throw out the excess white space :-) Which is good for me, because I read everything with monospaced font anyway. I hate proportional font in an editor. And I hate proportional sans-serif fonts pretty much everywhere. YMMV.

tl;dr: Hej ew0k, relax! There are better choices to spend time, I think!



[a] gem2html.sh


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