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Towards a proper FlightLog: Follow the Blue Line

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Ok, so I have this list of nice sites/things/whatever from the interwebs. I have posted about two of them [a,b], but of course, the list is much longer. So I was wondering, how to make a proper list of that.

I could add a separate document in the format of an index.gmi file, call it List-of-Wonders.gmi and be done. But then, how would folks find it? Turns out, it would not be picked up by my shell script generating the index. That script makes too many assumptions about its environment.

I could add a link to that file in /index.gmi or /en/index.gmi. But the script generating the signed list of checksums would not pick it up either.

Of course I could add some way to place static content on this capsule and add it to the indexer/signer scripts.

I could even create a shiny new capsule --- one more place to be abandoned ... well maybe not.

But I could do it in the way the Orbits/Wormhole things[c] work, which I had looked at earlier.

So I decided to add "Coloured Lines" to my capsule. Of course this has to be done manually for now. But the indexer/signer will pick up new posts as before. Lets see, how this fares.

While adding the needed characters I found out, that I had already added [next] and [previous] pointers. So I had this idea before. Ok, well, if the same thing looks good twice, I might just as well try it ...

So, for a short experimental tour

Follow the Blue Line (1)

[a] 2021-05-24 Modern Wonders: GNU Image Manipulation Program

[b] 2021-06-09 Modern Wonders 2: blitzortung.org

[c] 2021-07-06 Terms in Gemini Space I like


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