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Terms in Gemini Space I like

tags: gemini

No, this is by no means an exhaustive list of terms --- only the stuff that I came across due to some fluctuation in space time or whatever ...

Online Constellation

First seen m15o mentioning this term.


The individual collection of Gemini capsules, Gopher holes, Web sites, fora and whatever public places in the interwebs belonging to one persona/pseudonym/name could be called a constellation. A being using several personae might even create a hidden constellation from a set of visible ones.


On clttr.info you can read this:

> transit is my personal window to other content in gemini space.


I like the term in this way. If a capsule crosses the meridian as seen from my capsule, I can see it for a while and receive any emanation it might produce. Ok, ok, I have been in astronomy for way too long. However, in English this might be more properly called culmination, it seems. Transit might also refer to public transit, so its more like public transit of messages :)


On Seirdy's capsule one can find this

> Orbits (Gemini equivalent of webrings):


On Iván Ávalos' Gemsite the term "Gemring" is used instead.


Chris Were uses the term differently.

> My Gemini Orbit

> Here is a list of gemini capsules (GC) of people who I think are nice and/or interesting.


> The outer orbit

> Here I list other gemini content from people who I think are either cool or interesting (or both).


I also found Low Earth Orbit (LEO)


I'm not aware of any other ones, but this one makes for an extended journey ...


via Seirdys capsule I found The Wormhole Experiment


This is a cgi script really, which will redirect you somewhere


This one makes for another extended journey, too ...

Feel free to send any corrections or additions my way. Thanks!




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