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Antenna -- turning the problem around

tags: gemini mind

A few days ago ew0k announced a new feed aggregator

> Antenna works differently. It doesn't remember feed URLs. It doesn't intermittently poll feeds. Instead it relies on publishers' willingness to add an extra step to their publishing process ...


I was gazing in awe. Not so much about the code, mind you. But to get away with all the polling business in one fell swoop! Amazing.

The thing that came to my mind is this (quoted from my reply to the gemini list):

> "It turns the problem around". Impressive.

> I probably should train the habit of this turning around even more.

> Sometimes, when we ($dayjob) are on a bug hunt, I say "But what if this phenomenon should be a feature? What if I wanted to have it like that? Where in the code would you implement it?" Often this leads us closer to the source of the problem.

> It's probably just a psycological trick, but as long as it helps ...


Back to Antenna. Needless to say, I added a call to my Makefile.

$ make ping
./bin/gemcall.py -u gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/submit?ew.srht.site/index.gmi

Thanks, ew0k!


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