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Received an old fashioned superb Slide Projector

tags: analog

Even early in my life I have received things from kind souls who wanted to get rid of said things due to moving or reducing possessions or just for the fun of it. Mostly books. Some vinyl LPs. I also received my first guitar this way. And probably a lot of things I have forgotten by now.

Since last week I am the proud owner of a used "Rolleivision 35 twin digital P" projector. When I was active in photography (years ago!), I was dreaming of such a fantastic machine. But now that the world has gone largely digital (in another sense of this word) such machines fell largely out of favour. Same for very expensive analog cameras (35mm) like the Nikon F3 or the Rolleiflex SL2000F.

Yesterday evening I loaded a set of slides. This projector has two gates, two lamps and a clever mechanism to load two slides, showing slide 1, at the forward request it will fade slide 1 and show slide 2 and then replace slide 1 with slide 3 in the gate. The sounds are very unusual for me, because it happens asynchronously. What a ingenious piece of mechanics!

Now off to some serious staring at the old treasures from way back. Starting 1985 in Canada and the United States of America. %^>

Thanks to all generous souls!




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