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Mailing List Thread, exploded

tags: gemini

These days a thread on the mailing list just exploded.

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Francis Siefken asks, what about "transparent compression?". He makes the case about space savings in transit.

I answered along the lines that for large documents offering separate download links to compressed versions would do the trick without changing the gemini protocol or the gemtext spec. Just like it is done for images, video and audio material. And I like the additional action, because then the browser is not trying to do things behind my neck.

But that is not, what he had in mind. He wanted something more automatic.

That's all fine, different folks have different expectations and experience. It is imho expicitly allowed, to come up with other uses and ideas --- even whacky and wonky ones. Even better if working prototype code is available. Creativity at work.

What happened then, makes me sad.

There will always be different expectations and ideas. There will always be someone, who knows something better than I do. There will always be someone who likes and expects things that I stay away from and vice versa. There will always be someone "wrong on the internet". In my not so humble opinion this is life and everyone would be better of accepting different opinions as just that: different.


I could try to blame it on the heat.




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