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I hate Fora

tags: grumpy

Today I logged into a developer forum, after maybe four years. New toy, new questions. I was suprised that my old login still worked without extra clicks. Now I find this email in my inbox:

   *  [system]
     June 12

  Hey there. We see you’ve been busy reading, which is fantastic, so we’ve
  promoted you up a [trust level!]

  We’re really glad you’re spending time with us and we’d love to know more
  about you. Take a moment to [fill out your profile], or feel free to [start a new


  [Visit Message] or reply to this email to respond to [system], [$login].

  To unsubscribe from these emails, [click here].

I added [square brackets] to what seems to be links, and replaced my login name.

Hey! You promoted me up one trust level? Yes? From "dead" to "suspected dead" or what? Unbelievable! Someone had to programm this bullshit. Wasting brain cycles while implementing it. Wasting cpu cycles while running. I would outright refuse to programm such things --- there is a solid reason, why I'm not in web technology :)

You know that your society is going downhill, when they promote you up one trust level for nothing. %^>

According to my dictionary, the plural of "forum" is "fora". Which at least sounds plausible to my long forgotten Latin brain region.




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