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Heading Home from The Midnight

tags: midnight

After my somewhat failed attempt to have a stout at The Midnight ...


I'm on the way home. While the city certainly never sleeps, taking the train south east to "Las Casas" is still bound to specific times. So I just made it without having to wait another hour. Lucky me! Why is that station called "Las Casas" I hear you ask? Well that has something to do with an odd coincidence involving San Christobal from Chiapas, Mexico. But that is a story for another night. Anyway, it takes like an hour and a bit, and while it is not that far in the country side, it is noticably darker and much more quiet. Fresh air strikes my skin as I exit the train station and embark on the half hour walk.

I strap on my backpack and make sure its comfortable. My walking boots feel light like a pair of well worn socks. Them boots --- the city slickers were staring at them. Poor souls, they have no idea about how usefull these boots are out here. I turn left from the train station and after maybe 1/4 mile I wave farewell to San Christobal and turn right on "Quarry Lane". The narrow road is a bit windy but climbs the foot hills at a steady and pleasant slope. The distance between indvidual houses increases while I move on. I like it that way. Ample space whatever direction my eyes chose. After about 15 minutes I pass the last street light. These things are not needed much out here. They make for nice navigation points at night though. I'll be home soon.

At the tree with the rusty sign "Old Heritage --- Quarry" I turn uphill along a grassy path. Some moon light is sure helpful even though I know every stone, bush and tree along the path by heart. I can hear the crickets and other creatures again, my hearing has left the city behind. "No rushing" --- I remember my uncle always said this. I move on listening to the wild life moving away from me. Then the terrain flattens suddenly. I'm home. along the path towards the low building I take a small detour to the right hand side. A short moment staying at my favourite spot --- a small balcony sort of with an iron railing. I look out over a very high cliff, to where the quarry once used to be. There seems to be a big void now. Planet Jupiter is located low in the East. Maybe a little too low for the unexpecting. And lots of stars. Even below where one usually expects the horizon I can see stars and the milky band of the galaxy, with all its glorious wonders. The big void seems to gently stretch from this little known spot --- what a sight!

"But what happened to the quarry" I hear you ask --- or howl, rather? Well, legend has it, that an army of nano-robots got out of control and removed a substantial chunk of the planet, before their master could halt them by a "Signed Mission accomplished Statement". Or something such.

Good night,



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