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Modern Wonders: GNU Image Manipulation Program

tags: wonders

Allmost certainly I'm not alone in taking all these "Modern Wonders of our Time" for granted. But once in a while I gaze in astonishment, like today.

I have been preparing an article for the club magazine[a,b] of the German Forth Interest Group[c]. I'm writing about this particular project of mine, named TheStack[d]. It features controllers on printed circuit boards, so a few pictures are in order. Thus I take out my trusty Canon Powershot A480 (yes, digital camera stone age, I know) and take some pictures. However, while some of those pictures look reasonably well, they start showing significant signs of distortion of perspective, while trying to crop the images to a more appropriate region. With analog photography, there is only so much you can do at this point. Best is to go back, use a tripod and a reproducible geometrical setup and try again.

However, with Gimp[d] already open, solving this seemingly unsurmountable problem is in fact quite easy:

open the image with Gimp

select Tools > Transform Tools > Perspective

with the mouse pointer grab some point of the image and move it to where you rather wish it to be; possibly repeat with another point

carry out the transformation

gaze in astonishment

select the rectangular region

select Image > Crop to Selection

thank The Goddesses of algorithmic computation for being so generous!

select File > Overwrite OriginalFileName.jpg

and be done a few clicks later.

Absolutely amazing! Thank you Developers of Gimp, you certainly made my day!



PS: The article mentioned above shall appear in the online archive[b] in a few weeks.

[a] Vierte Dimension, German Forth Magazine, currently the last one on the planet still appearing as a printed edition, alongside a digital edition, of course.

[b] Vierte Dimension, archive page

[c] Forth Gesellschaft e.V.

[d] TheStack Project Repository

[d] Gimp Project Page

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