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Re: Time to Leave Arch?

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HexDSL writes:

> Good friend and TrendyTalk co-host Drew has for a long time said it's only a matter of time before we go Debian and while I think he's right but I'm not there yet.


This quote is completely out of context, so go and read this imho quite amusing post ... I'll wait ... no problem.

Reading this made me smile :)

I started using Linux just before the year 2000, when many were concerned that the world would come to an unexpected grinding halt soon ...

The first distro that made it to the disk of my first (!) own computer was SuseLinux 6.3. And that was just because my colleage O. happened to have that set of shiny silver things called CDs. Those were the times. I was a HP-UX admin at my day job then, so I had some expectations about the new operating system on my box.

The following summer someone went to the "Linux Tag" in Stuttgart, if my memory serves me well, and gave me another shiny thing. The cover had been printed with friendly letters reading "Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato)". I installed Debian on a separate partition --- I never looked back.

At another day job (lasting 9 years) I was dealing with OpenSuse. My current day job involves Debian, which is nice!

Starting 2005 or so I switched to Debian unstable. And in my opinion Debian unstable is more stable than one would expect. Ok, I had to fix a handful of funny problems, the worst left my system unwilling to boot (that's why unstable is NOT suitable for beginners, imho). But other than that? A fairly enjoyable trip. ¬°Debianistas, muchas gracias!

But --- as time goes by and my brain goes slower these days --- some time back I decided, that I had enough of it. So I installed Debian stable on my main system and left it at that.

Dear HexDSL, welcome to the club!




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