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> I miss a way to find information on gemini, or rather, I miss information on gemini. Why isn't there a wikipedia here? Where can I get information on how to fix my car? About the history of Uganda? etc.


Statements like this make me grumpy fast. Or even angry.

Answer 1: Apparently you didn't care to look:


list this as Search engine:


There was an experiment with connecting to wikipedia, iirc.

There also is a gemini gateway to the mailing list archive at


And there is a brandnew Intro on Gemini by Jason:



Answer 2: Would you please be so kind as to accept for a moment that literally everything man made around you takes at least thought, raw material, effort, and energy to come into existence. Or did you rather think that all these things sprung into existence by some silly fluctuation of vacuum and space time? Rest assured, they did not.

Ok then, should you care to spend some effort, we eagerly await your contributions.

Have a nice day,



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