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Towards a proper FlightLog 6 -- New Structure, cont.

tags: flightlog

So I worked some more on this third edition of my personal gemini flightlog. The first edition lived on my workstation only. The second edition[1] is kindly hosted on circumlunar.space, thanks to solderpunk. This third edition now lives on sourcehut, thanks to Drew Devault.

There are changes of course:

The directory structure of the site itself was changed in order to accomodate seperate trees for seperate languages: de and en in my case.

I simplified the preparation of the static content (generation of indices etc.) and thus the Makefile and the scripts.

I still kept the generation of static html, largely because my experiments with kineto failed so far. Probably just me being too ignorant.

I changed the generation of checksums (from sha512 to sha256) and their signatures (gpg and signify-openbsd) as suggested by nervuri[2]. I took inspriration from NetSigil[3], but I didn't use the complete script. That's just because I can --- there is nothing wrong with the script. It is a well written and documented shell script!

So, what's next?

I shall migrate the content of the second edition and merge it here.

I would like to mirror the site behind my onion service, but I haven't tried yet.

Subscription and bookmarks need some upgrade, I'm just not yet decided about the details.

Can I somehow migrate the certificate of edition 2 into edition 3? It's all about software, so in principle yes, but there is another list of details waiting for me, some of them more subtle than others.

There's always the option to create more content.

[1] Second Edition

[2] [tech] Signing Gemini capsules

[3] NetSigil


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