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Re: Software Dependencies

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perplexing.space writes:

> Cargo is the Rust build tool and (apparently) automatically fetches dependencies and compiles based on (I think) the `cargo.toml` file. I hadn't realized that there /were any/ dependencies but watched, first in amusement, then in horror, as library after library was pulled in.


> The 36 Rust libraries end up being about *380,000* lines of supporting code.


Welcome to the club.

Some time ago I decided, while I hate python, I could maybe try out Go or Rust, where all the cool kids currently are. A pal of mine went so far as to say, he didn't like programming any more, but using Rust changed it for him.

This turned out to be a short story for me: I gazed in astonishment, how cargo and go build (?) pulled in stuff without asking me, storing it somewhere without telling me. I won the first round against Go, because I happend to be offline at the time. But boy, /without even asking/? I am willing to install additional packages, much preferred from the trusty Debian repository. I am willing to find and install missing pieces. But I do want to know. Apparently the non-automatic desire to know is not hip these days. Very sad. Even if some one now says: "But you can turn it off like so ..." yes well. Maybe. But how about opting "in" in the first place?




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