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Clock Skew again

tags: time

I wrote that I think daylight savings time is a stupid thing.


Alex writes

> Why do some people get so frothingly angry about daylight savings time? I understand getting annoyed, but dude, you literally just change the clock an hour, nothing to get all worked up about.

> 2021-03-27 15:55 — why do people get so angry at daylight savings time


Day 0 -- 2021-03-29

So, I made a half hearted attempt to get up 30 minutes early --- not the whole one hour difference. That is 4:50h instead of 5:20h normal time. While I made it out of bed ok, it was a miserable desaster. Normally my autopilot gets me through breakfast and by the time I leave, I'm awake. Not so. My autopilot mode this morning is more aptly described as zombie-mode including considerable grumpiness. Needless to say, half an hour later traffic was significantly more.

However, at the office I noticed noises made me much more upset than they normally do. The person two corners away was on the phone basically all morning --- open space office, yes, yes. I was basically hiding acoustically behind my headphones almost all day. Something I rarely do. My brain started working after lunch. And no, I'm not making this up.

My plan is to keep doing this for this week. If it does not settle, I'm back to normal time.

Day 1 -- 2021-03-30

Yesterday evening I went to bed very early. This morning was better. In terms of getting up, in terms of traffic, and my braincells did start working together much sooner :) It is 18:30h normal time now, and I'm quite tired. I should be writing a handful of email messages. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Day 2 --- 2021-03-31

I got up a little later today, because I didn't go to the office. So nothing noteworthy about jetlag.

Day 3 --- 2021-04-01

Woke up 10 minutes before the alarm. No, I did not expect this to happen at day 3.

Day 7 --- 2021-04-05

It's Easter weekend. I got up as soon as I woke up. Which is a little later than during the week, but not by much. Let's see, how it goes tomorrow. But I don't want to have this post waiting any longer.


Dear Alex, and all others, who "set the clock and move on" ... be grateful while it works for you. And maybe take into consideration, that people like me just cannot "move on".

Before you ask: travelling time zones? Yes. It took a week to resolve 8 hours difference last time. Waking up at 1h or 2h in the night, everything is dark, its -25°C outside and the storm is not getting tired any time soon. I'm hungry and the damn pancake place opens at 6h. Sigh. So on to some programming. At 5:30h or so I went outside and took a little walk. I spend 10 minutes or so, at the door of said pancake place. And boy, it was cold! Happened several years back in Colorado. :)




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