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Part Time

tags: life

ew0k writes:

> I work 75% of full time;


I work part time, too, and in my opinion this was one of the best decisions I ever made.

In the second half of 2010 things at $dayjob became somewhat tense for me. Most probably it was just the normal madness involving selling things that did not work at the time of fixing the contract. I remember that I got into a modestly depressive mood[1]. However, the most important insight at the time was this: I was already in a mood which would spoil any interview for another job. So seeking another job just then didn't look like a bright idea.

Likely through a highly improbable series of events or conversations this idea of reducing time floated around in my head for some time. It somehow connected at last and I went to talk to my then new manager. He made it possible for me to reduce to 80%, i.e. 32 hours --- and now the trick: in 4 days per week. Starting in 2011 I went to work "normally" except Wednesdays.

Many asked "But why Wednesday?" To be honest: this turned out to be key to the whole thing. After two days of building up enough "bad mood" I had a complete day to vent, to calm down, to do something enjoyable. I spent this day for me. Ok, that's fairly easy with no children and my wife working elsewhere. After some time I picked up my abandoned hobby projects and new things, like archery. My personal situation became a lot better over the course of the year.

Allthough I could have returned to 100% with two months notice, I never did. Eventually I changed jobs after 9 years at this company. And I resumed 4 days a week after 2 years at the new company.

I highly recommend working part time if you can possibly afford it. Its not about money. It is about your state of mind and about your time. The time thing is not so obvious until something makes you realize, that you cannot put off things indefinitely. And I encourage you: don't even put them things off until retirement. You might not get there healthy or at all. A friend of mine died aged 52 out of the blue. And three years ago I acquired some health issue myself, which isn't diagnosed or explained yet and most probably won't get any better. I have already given up on some plans.

Do those things while you can!



[1] I have been through a depressive period many years ago, and I don't want any of this back.


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