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From org-link to elpher

tags: emacs

I use elpher as my default gemini browser.



As a regular reader of


I came across this article


and its content looked suspicously like offering the missing puzzle piece to my failed attempts to make gemini:// links open in elpher on C-c C-o (org-open-at-point).

And indeed, one redirection further at


I started to understand.

So maybe this is helpful for fellow elpher users:

;; - gemini -  make gemini: links work somewhat!
;; https://alhassy.github.io/org-special-block-extras/#Links
 ;;link type: gemini://host/index.gmi
 :follow (lambda (path) (elpher-go (concat "gemini:" path)))
 :face '(:foreground "turquoise" :weight bold)
 :display 'full

Thanks to everyone involved in sharing code and documentation in this matter!

Full disclosure: Allthough I started using emacs in 1993-02 I never had the urgent need to get to grips with elisp. So I didn't really know, where to look. It certainly helped that I am in the process of reading "Land of Lisp" (by Conrad Barski).




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