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Hello 2021!

tags: time

Hello all,

a Happy New Year to all, who adhere to this calendar style :)

A good day to all, who don't.

Best of 2020

Through a modest change in diet, I managed to lose 10 kg --- even for me this is quite surprising. I had practically given up on this matter. Thanks to my family, who have motivated me a year back to try these changes.

I also managed to develop better self organization inspired by "Zen to Done"[a] and implemented by a few files using emacs/org-mode. The key thing here was to practice daily and weekly procedures to keep track of TODOs, appointments and the like. Since I am not a regular user of my smartphone, I had to make due otherwise. After learning the hard way, that there are not many allocatable time slots available in my week anyway, and after some adjustments in procedures, I'm happy to admit: I can see about half the surface of my desk at home again! And on top I have implemented this same procedure at may day job, "because I missed it!" --- unbelievable. Again: I had noticed that I forget more things now than I used to (getting older isn't for sissies!) --- but I did not expect any change for the better! But it happened.

[a] Leo Babauta -- Zen to done

About these times of increased microbiological activity, all I have to say: I'm lucky that my job changed only slightly. My wife is working from home since March 2020. We have not seen said activity with our own bodily sensors, and I sure hope, it stays that way.

I found out about gemini! I have actually started to blog! This is my 24th post! Another "unbelievable".

Santa Clause had a slightly delayed delivery for me: a brand new turntable. A really nice piece of analog technology --- I'm into my long neglected vinyl collection and enjoying it much!

2021 Resolution?

Well, I do have an old Alfa Romeo 75. It is not in driving condition and the supposedly electrical problem is exceeding my abilities, time and motivation. It must go. Anyone interested?

Scanning at least 100 of my several 1000 slides. The equipment has found its way to my desk, so /just do it!/.

Don't panic!

The new year has already produced a nice surprise: my blog showed up on CAPCOM :)

So thanks to all you geminauts or geminizens, I enjoy reading your writing, your programming, your generous hosting of my capsule. I even enjoy the activity on the mailing list, allthough I do not understand each and every bit. But there is life and creativity and the underlying assumption to make things as complex as neccessary, but not any more!




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