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Second Hand computing

tags: lowtech

just came across this:


My first Laptop (Asus M2400N) from 2003 was in use for >10 years. I replaced the keyboard with a en_US layout one soon after purchase. At some point I repaced the disk with an SSD --- still using an IDE connector! The result was nothing short of /spectecular/. I eventually stopped using it, when Debian stopped supporting the 486 type CPUs. Sure, I could have tried other OS, but all other systems (even on my dayjob) are running Debian GNU/Linux stable. But I still feel guilty of dumping this fantastic machine.

I replaced it with a second hand Dell Latitude D630. I have been a happy user of several second hand Dell Latitude machines. Near my place there is a small company living on business computer leasing. They sell their returns for very affordable prices. We are talking about /business/ laptops, 3 to 5 years old. They are /new/ to my standards. I tend to replace the battery (I like to have one /mobile/ machine), possibly upgrade on RAM. I have spend a few Euros on a GSM modem. I have not had any problems. But I should have bought two identical ones, because the E6330 is not in use any more at this company, unfortunately.

First hand computing

However, sometimes I feel the need to support emerging technology, like the openmoko phone or the fairphone. Or more recently:

MNT Reform

Hifive Unmatched



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