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hosting at home?

tags: smolnet TOR

At home I have a tiny system running permanently. It serves various services for the home network like time/ntp, names/dns, ip addresses/dhcp, ipv4 masquerading, apt package cache, nginx/nextcloud, nginx/cgit and the like.

It was my plan to host this gemini site and possibly a html-ized copy via an onion service. The onion service takes care of /finding/ my system: no need to register for a fixed ip address, no need to poke holes in the firewall either.

All good then? Maybe. Maybe not.

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Repeating the Web's Mistakes

Repeating the Web's Mistakes

[tech] [psa] robustness

reminded me, that there is unfortunately more to be done, to protect this small system. In the age of abundant home offices one would like to avoid any risk of the line being abused or blocked for whatever reason. Or as I wrote to someone else:

> I still(!) do not have a hosted instance somewhere, because I'm just not interested to defend this poor thing against the rough and not nice internet world. I can access my own stuff via an [hidden] onion service, however, I'm not convinced that publishing it would be a good idea.

I have set up a /hidden/ onion service to be able to reach home from abroad. Needless to say that hotel wireless is configured in pretty strange ways to prevent TOR traffic, ssh and vpn connections and the like. I need this like twice a year, but there is always something.


Update 2020-12-26

I am very well aware that hosting my little site at gemini.circumlunar.space is putting the above burden on someone else, solderpunk in this case. So thank you very much!


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