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Towards a proper FlightLog 3 -- License Matter

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I wrote:

> More things to contemplate:

> * Adding explicit licenses to scripts, images, text.


I came across this entry today, where the author complains about "a thief" that had put the authors source code on github.



It seems that the author was not willing to give up control over the code, at least not in the sense to put his work under GPL or AGPL. He added a homebrew sort of license. In my opinion, if you do not want to give up "control" over a piece of source code, then do not publish it. Once published, it is out of your hand.


For source code, my personal list is short: GPLv3+ or AGPLv3+ for network facing services, or CC0. I translate CC0 into "Do as you please, but leave me alone".



for a comprehensive list of licenses and their texts.

Disclaimer: I am not a laywer.


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