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Towards a proper FlightLog 2 -- The Archive Index

tags: flightlog

I wrote:

> More things to contemplate:

> Limiting the number of entries in the index.gmi to 25 or so, keep /all/ entries in a separate archive.gmi.

To distinguish between the lasted n items for the main index, and listing all entries for the archive-index on the other hand, is fairly simple. It amounts to one more command (head) in the pipeline (aside from header and footer text).

@@ -18,7 +20,6 @@
     grep -v '^file/'  |
     LANG='' sort -r   |
     grep '20.*\.gmi$' |
+    head -25          |
     while read file
         date=$(  sed -n -e 's/^#[# ]*//' -e '1p' "${file}" )




The archive-index is then produced (1 line in Makefile) and referenced (in the main index) and that's pretty much it.


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